Halfway Through Asia

This past week was a busy one. Monday the company had an all-day ideathon at Genovasi. We watched many case-studies and formed groups to brainstorm campaign ideas for various brands. It was a really interesting experience, with an added plus… the food was great. On Tuesday, the RallyBuzz team attended a press conference for ALBA Watches. We got there at 8:30am and the event lasted until about 2pm. It was my first press conference and it was really a wonderful experience. It was held at a very traditional Malaysian restaurant in Bangsar. The event started with media coming in, the introduction from the emcee and welcome speeches from the general manager and divisional managing director. Then, the models came out with the various watches. The star of the event and new face of ALBA, Shaheizy Sam  came out wearing the advertised model. He is the new embassador of ALBA and face of the new collection, SignA. After, there was an open interview, lunch, and a lucky draw.

Following up with the event, we had to work on the post-release. So Tuesday afternoon was busy. Wednesday I worked almost all day for the global team, uploading cases to an internal site and filing them with the correct information. It was also another long day. For the beginning of the week, I had friends staying with me, so my sleep schedule was very off… However, I was able to catch up on sleep the next couple days, which felt fantastic on Thursday morning.

Thursday I continued working on collateral for a new campaign we are doing for GrabCar. It is really interesting, because it is an app that specifically started in Malaysia, and I was actually using it quite frequently to get around before I was presented with the brief for the campaign happening throughout the whole month of August.

This weekend I traveled to Singapore. I went on the trip with a friend who now works in Manila, Philippines. I previously worked with him in Tel Aviv two summers ago. It was really wonderful to see him two years later, and just simply put me in awe that we ended up in Asia together. We stayed in a wonderful house of a friend and the weekend was filled with lots of sight-seeing and walking. I think we walked over 30 miles this weekend. Singapore was really magnificent. It is modern, clean, and so put together, it almost through me off sometimes. There were many expats roaming the streets, many who were there for only a weekend, but also working and living. I think overall, I still enjoyed Hong Kong a bit more, just because I found it easier to navigate. Singapore is very spread out, and we had to take many taxis to get around. It is a beautiful city, with really fantastic architecture, but so far, Hong Kong stole my heart.

Flying over Singapore!

Flying over Singapore!

On the Singapore Flyer with an amazing view of Marina Bay Park

On the Singapore Flyer with an amazing view of Marina Bay Park


Gardens by the Bay

Cloud Dome

Cloud Dome

Next weekend is Singapore’s 50th anniversary of its independence. During this past weekend, there were testers of the fireworks they will have for their big event this coming weekend. We were lucky enough to get to see them on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel bar and roof. They were absolutely spectacular.

Fireworks for Singapore's 50th Anniversary!

Fireworks for Singapore’s 50th Anniversary!

It officially marks the halfway point of my time in Malaysia. I have decided to stay in Kuala Lumpur for my next three weekends and explore Malaysia. This summer has flown by, but I am excited for what is has left for me.


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